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 A day in the life of a Public Relations Director

While the specific day to day tasks of a public relations director vary, essential duties, communication roles, and leadership abilities are required to succeed in this exciting, fast-paced position.

Job Demand for a Public Relation Manager has the role earning an average pay of 104,140 dollars, over 65,000 jobs, and job growth of 7 percent between 2014 and 2024.

The average day looks like the following:

6:45 a m: Read daily news and industry blog posts

7:30 a m: Respond to overnight emails (Europe, Asia and Australia); Process client activities that happened overnight

8:20 a m: Connect with account team while commuting and identify goals for the day; Call overseas clients before the end of their business day

9:00 a m: Meet with account teams to determine what content will be activated today; Identify issues on news cycle; Monitor traditional and social media channels for client discussion

11:00 a m: Strategy call with client and marketing team about press releases, events, timelines, and budget to support a new product launch; Listening, taking notes, providing recommendations and managing client expectations

11:45 a m: Assign team members to coordinate venue, staffing and schedule availability for a client’s P R event; Direct and assign copy-writing for event invitation and associated press release; Ensure morning time sensitive tasks completed

1:00 p m: Lunch break; Great opportunity to return phone calls, reach out to reporters, or have lunch meetings with clients or media

2:20 p m: Focus on scheduling major events, client interviews, press releases, and publication content pieces; Prepare for and make travel preparations for any major client meetings, potential client pitches or industry events

3:30 p m: Client strategy development: budgets, organizational goals, campaign objectives, and market research plans

4:15 p m: Review email; Complete outstanding daily tasks, final calls to journalists, send off proofed articles, or following up on coverage of events

5:30 p m: If there are evening client activities, they might include award ceremonies, film premiers, or mingling with political leaders; If there aren’t client activities or deadlines, head home for the day; Continue to monitor email and the news cycle

The above timeline represents an example schedule. Actual times and activities will vary.

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The daily routine above can provide a glimpse into the day to day activities and skills needed for a public relations director. The skills learned in the Master of Arts in Strategic Communication program from American University’s School of Communication can help elevate your career to a public relations director role.