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Graduate Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation Resources

Qualitative Methods in Monitoring and Evaluation: Developing a Focus Group Questioning Route

Facilitating the cascading of conversation through group interaction! This is the purpose of our focus groups. Well-planned, organized, and moderated focus groups facilitate group... Read Full Article

Measurement and Evaluation Community: Faculty Spotlight

One of the strengths of American University’s Measurement and Evaluation Program is its faculty. The Measurement and Evaluation faculty is a group of academic practitioners... Read Full Article

Measurement and Evaluation Community: Evaluation in Practice

One of the biggest strengths of American University’s Measurement and Evaluation Program is its student body. The online classroom setting is an international one, with a... Read Full Article

Thinking Outside the Box with Results Frameworks

As a visual person, I love using results frameworks to understand theory of change, identify indicators, and track progress. But, they are also a useful communication tool for... Read Full Article

Preparing for Evaluation in a High Security Environment

Congratulations! You have been awarded a contract to evaluate a high-visibility project. You are very excited about getting your feet wet in this world of evaluation!... Read Full Article

The Emic and the Etic in Practice: Working with Refugees in Chios, Greece

My professional background is in development, but recently I made my first foray into humanitarian relief, as a volunteer on the island of Chios in Greece. My role was to provide aid to refugees during boat landings and to assist... Read Full Article

Faculty Spotlight: Reflections on Qualitative Methods for Monitoring and Evaluation

Dr. Beverly Peters has been active in community development for 25 years. Her areas of research interest center on village level political and economic development in Africa. She lived and worked in southern Africa for a decade,... Read Full Article

Quality Data for Monitoring and Evaluation

Data is a key component of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) work. On one level, M&E planning involves identifying information needs and defining measures and... Read Full Article

Lessons from My First Evaluation Assignment

I learned a lot from my first evaluation consultancy. After I completed American University’s Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation, I was offered an... Read Full Article

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning in Governance

Good governance requires that citizens monitor power-holders and that power-holders evaluate whether their systems and practices produce the intended positive impact on citizens’ lives. In order for our work on governance and... Read Full Article