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Nutrition for Young Athletes

A high school football player knows he is underweight. Many of his friends have hit their growth spurts but he has not yet. He has been told by his coaches to try to gain at least 20 pounds.

Diabetes Nutrition: Tips for Preventing and Managing Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus, more commonly referred to as diabetes, is a disease in which the utilization of glucose (sugar) in the body is altered, and blood glucose levels rise.

Stress Management: How To Make Your Well-Being a Priority in 2016

It’s 9:45 am. You have a meeting coming up at 10 am, that you aren’t sure you are fully prepared for. The report you are still in the process of designing is due at 4:30 pm.

Nutrition Education in a Multicultural Society: Developing Cultural Competency

Demographics in the United States have shifted dramatically over the past century and will continue to do so. Certain groups are at heightened risk for health concerns related to diet, including obesity and diabetes.

Post-Partum Nutrition: Healthy Choices for a New Mom

As nutrition professionals, we recognize that supporting our health with solid nutrition is important during all phases of the lifespan.

Food Choices for Weight Management

Weight management is a seemingly easy equation: calories in should be the same as calories out.

Nutrition Education in Action: Webinar with Dr. Elizabeth Cotter

Online MS in Nutrition Education Professorial Lecturer Dr.

Health Coaching: Motivating Individuals to Make a Change

As nutrition educators, is it our role to force people to change?  I encourage you to think back to a recent time when someone asked you to change.

Discerning Fact from Fiction: Food and Nutrition Myths

In today’s popular media, there is nearly a daily bombardment of nutrition information. A new fix, a new fad, a new idea to help you be the best you in no time flat!

Dr. Anastasia Snelling, Program Director, Featured in Journal of School Health

American University’s online Master of Science in Nutrition Education Program Director, Anastasia Snelling, recently was published in the Journal of School Health’s September edition for her article... Read Full Article