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Nimai Mehta

Nimai Mehta
Academic Director Global Economics and Business Program

Nimai Mehta is Academic Director of the Global Economics and Business Program in the School of Extended & Professional Studies. He also leads the school’s programs in China and Europe. Nimai obtained his master’s degree in applied economics at Bombay University and a doctorate in economics from George Mason University, with specializations in comparative economic systems, public choice, and development.

Nimai brings extensive experience on Asia. He has taught for a number of years in Southeast Asia, where he was an active contributor to policy research and public dialogue in the areas of trade policy, telecom regulation, financial crises, ethnic conflict, and microfinance. He has a number of academic publications in these areas. Nimai has held teaching positions at the Ateneo de Manila University Department of Economics and at the School of Economics, University of the Philippines, where he was a research fellow and program associate with the Center for Integrative and Development Studies. Nimai was a visiting scholar at the James M. Buchanan Center for Political Economy in Fairfax, Virginia, and an adjunct professor in George Mason University’s Department of Economics. His work at the Center centered on the economic ethics of consumption habits. His work on consumption theory and capital productivity was published in the Journal of the History of Economic Thought. His current research is on the intersections of religion, economics, and social choice, with explorations into public goods provision and socialist planning in South Asia. His work on economic mobility and the caste system was recently published in the Journal of Public Choice and Public Finance.

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