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MS in Measurement & Evaluation Faculty

Learn from Evaluation Professionals

American University’s MS in Measurement & Evaluation is taught by a distinguished faculty composed of current practitioners and leading scholars in the evaluation field. Students benefit from their practical knowledge of current measurement and evaluation practices and trends, giving them the guidance and skills that are in demand at today’s companies, nonprofits and organizations.

Kirsten Collins
Planned Faculty

Kirsten Collins is a monitoring and evaluation specialist with over 10 years of experience in project management, planning, research and development in the NGO sector and the field of international development and affairs. She specializes in collaborative and adaptive approaches to complex programs involving governance, environmental, economic and social issues.

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Alexander Cromwell

Alex Cromwell is a PhD candidate and Youth Programs Manager at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University (GMU). He is committed to creating positive social change through peace building and developing sustainable relationships across conflict boundaries.

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Tobias Greiff
Professorial Lecturer

Tobias Greiff lectures in international affairs at the Elliott School of International Affairs (The George Washington University), is an instructor in peace and conflict resolution at the School of Professional & Extended Studies at American University, and a visiting research fellow in the University of Pennsylvania’s Political Science Department. Tobias has studied and researched international relations, modern history, political science, peace and conflict resolution, cultural psychology and social geography at various international universities.

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Allyson Krupar
Planned Faculty

Allyson Krupar has over seven years experience in research, project development, monitoring and evaluation in local organizations worldwide, specifically focusing on projects related to education for professionals...

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Nimai Mehta
Academic Director Global Economics and Business Program

Nimai Mehta specializes in comparative economic systems, public choice and development. He has extensive experience on Asia, and has taught for a number of years in Southeast Asia, where he was an active contributor to policy research and public dialogue in the areas of trade policy, telecom regulation, financial crises, ethnic conflict and microfinance.

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Mohamed Nimer
Assistant Professor and Academic Director

Dr. Nimer has conducted field research on Middle Eastern and South Asian politics and development. He has worked with hard-to-reach communities ranging from rural areas in Egypt to Arab and...

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Beverly Peters
Program Director and Assistant Professor

Beverly Peters has more than twenty years of experience teaching, conducting qualitative research, and managing community development, microcredit...

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Leslie Sherriff
Adjunct Faculty

Leslie Sherriff has worked since 1996 in the international relief and development field. Her experience includes nine years with Catholic Relief Services, one of the largest relief and development...

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Tracy Thoman
Planned Faculty

Dr. Tracy Thoman has over 24 years of experience teaching, consulting and working as a career diplomat in over ten countries. During her sixteen-year tenure as a Foreign Service Officer...

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