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Strategic Communication: Online Courses

The Perfect Balance of Strategic, Analytical, and Creative Knowledge

When you choose an online Master’s in Strategic Communication from American University, you choose a program that’s been developed for the strategic way we communicate today.

This program will provide a balance of theoretical insight and practical application to help you shape initiatives and bring your ideas to life. Each course weaves in strategic, analytic, and creative knowledge to connect with target audiences and align communication with the goals of your client or organization.

Over the course of this master’s program, you will:

  • create strategic communication campaigns
  • develop a professional writing portfolio with traditional and digital media samples
  • use quantitative and qualitative research to define content, purpose, and target audience
  • tell compelling stories through creative messaging and understanding the key factors in persuasive communication
  • learn to integrate social media strategies and tactics with traditional methods
  • utilize metrics to conduct overall evaluation of strategic communication campaigns
  • understand and explore international approaches to communication including public diplomacy and cross cultural communication
  • examine crisis communication messaging and decision making

The online program consists of 10 courses (30 credits), each eight weeks long, culminating with a capstone course that allows you to incorporate everything you’ve learned. You’ll design a strategic communication plan for your public relations portfolio by developing and pitching a structurally sound plan to a real-world client. In the end, you’ll be able to pursue better careers in strategic communications.

Strategic Communication Courses