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American University Consistently Tops the List of Presidential Management Fellowship Finalists: Here’s Why

If you aspire to be selected to participate in a Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF), American University’s School of Public Affairs is the place to go to earn your ... Read Full Article

2016 Master of Public Administration and Policy Graduates Prepared to Advance Policy and Practice

As one of the nation’s top-ranked schools for public affairs, American University – in the heart of Washington, DC – offers an online Master of Public Administration and Policy program that allows students to sharpen their skills... Read Full Article

Infographic: Job Outlook for Public Administration & Policy

The job outlook for careers in public administration and policy is strong, with higher than average job growth and clearly defined career paths in both government and the nonprofits and private sectors.

Why Should I Choose American University's Master of Public Administration and Policy?

If you are planning on getting a master’s in public policy or public administration, and wondering how these degrees may affect your future career, you may be interested in learning more about what American University’s School of... Read Full Article

Advising Services for AU Students Pursuing Public Administration and Public Policy Careers

American University’s School of Public Affairs provides a broad amount of career services for those pursuing a Master of Public Administration and Policy. The advising services, resources and support are offered to students as they... Read Full Article

The 2015 U.S. Government Annual Financial Report: An Overview [Infographic]

If you’re a numbers and budgeting person, you may be interested in the annual financial report from the U.S. Treasury Department. It’s the official source regarding the country’s money. The graphic below highlights how the United... Read Full Article

A Look at Multi-Ethnic Countries and Policy-Making

Public policy shapes the lives of citizens in ways that most people never think of. One nation’s policy might grant suffrage to one population, while another country’s policy destroys an entire group of people. The more ethnically... Read Full Article

3 Ways a MPAP Benefits Your Career in Public Administration

Employers expect graduates of public administration and public policy programs to have the right combination of experience and skills. With in-depth study in policy analysis and public management, including its legal, logistical,... Read Full Article

Finding a Job with a Masters in Public Administration and Policy

When you begin to search for public administration jobs after graduation, you may be surprised to find that less than half of graduates with a master of public administration and public policy end up working for the government.

5 Ways Public Service has Transformed International Development

All over the world, people are suffering in unimaginable ways. Public service organization USAID estimates that 53 million people worldwide are in desperate need of food assistance.